Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tinder! Girly Review

Well, it is said that "tinder" has become a verb... It spread everywhere, but putting it brief, it's just an Android/ Iphone dating application that allows you to choose people that you find "hot", based on a few pictures and a short optional description. Moreover, regardless you consider someone "hot or not", they will never know. Only when they like you back, a "match" is created and so you can start a conversation...

WARNING: swiping is addictive!

Yes, I do have installed it, and it's fun, so I just felt like sharing my 2-week Tinder experience with you, although you might find it completely off-topic:)

Everything started on a Thursday school morning when I saw a friend swiping left and right, making the selection process so interesting, that an hour later I had it on my phone...

Tinder Facts

  • You have to connect with your Facebook account in order to prove you're a real person
  • You can only upload pictures you posted on Facebook
  • Tinder is a location-based application, so it will only show you people within an established range (maximum 100 km, but it goes a bit farther than that)
  • You can't go back once you liked or disliked someone
  • You can block but can't unblock a person

Swiping Technique

Well, this is the most pleasant part of everything and I tried numerous methods of selection: age-based, picture-based, even description-based. The first picture is probably the most important one, at least for me, I always wonder what kind of person would use that as a Facebook profile photo.
I'm pretty selective most of the time, but I once got bored and made a stupid algorythm- one to the left, one to the right- not a brilliant idea, to be honest =).


Boosts your self-esteem: the users know the satisfaction you get when the little flame appears on the notification bar, and a new match pops up.

Want to socialize? It's here that you can find people you would probably not dare to talk to in other circumstances. So, if boredom ever strikes, consider this option.

Travelling alone? Not my case, of course, however, if you were a newbie and felt like going out, but had no company, Tinder could solve that. I know that it can be really risky and it takes a while to get someone's trust, but if everything goes right, the experience must be pretty awesome.

Come out of your shell? Seeing that people you like might have the same feelings about you could really help you change your opinion about yourself. And in addition to that, you definitely learn a lot of small-talk techniques:)

Fun and pressure-less! Talk, get annoyed, block, that simple...


No long-lasting conversations: Well, this is the purpose of the app, you have to continuously swipe in order to create new matches. The main reason you installed it is boredom or curiosity, so there's little chance you'll stop swiping just because you found an interesting person. I noticed that some discussion tend to lag, especially when the probability of meeting is low...

Trapped by appearences: Of course I'm not talking about actually meeting a match in person and being disappointed, because I'm keeping things safe. But simply discovering a Facebook profile might not live up to your expectations, and then comes a rapid turn-off.

Unanswered messages! As much as I'd like to consider myself impossible to ignore, I have to admit that this happened to me. Saturday night, not having so much fun at this dull party, so I decided to say hello to all my silent matches- probably my "Aloha" or "Ahoy marinero"+ the weird hour scared them a bit, but it's clear that only half of them replied- a bit annoying! I sometimes ignore people too, so it's probably just karma...

Match-less? I get a like back from most of the people I like, however, I never try too much to memorize them, so I probably don't notice when I don't receive a response... It;s better this way, I suppose:)

Did I mention the addictive part? Well, once you've installed it, you'll probably feel like using it constantly; at least, I always wonder why would I stop, it doesn't affect me in any way...

Superficial?! Hmm, probably needed mentioning earlier. You don't give anybody a chance if their picture doesn't convice you and I'm sure there were a lot of interesting people I rejected in less than 5 seconds. 

PS: I know I haven't posted in a while, but it was a really weird and tense month- lots of final exams, Cambridge (totally exhausting) and a serious lack of inspiration... hopefully I will soon get back on track


  1. Tinder IS addicting - I used it for the first time last night for like 3 hours... oops!

  2. Tinder is AWESOME hahaha. It is unlike any app I have ever used. I have deleted it...only to make an account a week or so later ;) haha


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