Friday, February 21, 2014

Imagine Life Without Mirrors?!

   "I didn't have to care what I look like because I didn't know what I look like. All the imperfection were «gone» because I just felt like I didn't have any. I felt like being me more."
    "I'm not convinced that we would become more confident without mirrors. If you think about it, mirrors can reassure someone that they look good. Without a mirror, we're always uneasy about how we look. We would be worrying about how we look more because we can't see it. Not to forget about traffic mirrors."

    "If there were no mirrors and we didn't care about our physical appearance, well, that would mean no need for makeup companies. There wouldn't need to be a modeling industry. Magazines targeting women to do almost anything to look different would be out of existence. "

        These are just some random opinions on this matter. So, would we really care about looks if we had no definition of self-appearence and no possible way of discovering it? What if there were no mirrors, no reflections, no photographs or painters who could illustrate our features? We would undoubtedly live in a world without an image of oneself and we would have to completely rely on the people around us in order to determine our own sense of style. We would be totally dependent on one another for something that is inherently our own property: the physical appearance.

        Like those racing games with inside view where you can't actually see your car, or the shooters where only the gun would be visible... Or the faceless secretary in PowerPuff Girls, so frustrating!!!

       The most obvious thing is that we can't be a hundread per cent objective in our judgement, as we already know the uppermost role of mirrors. Isn't it paradoxical that those pieces of glass are the essence of our lives? Exaggerated as it may seem, I can assure you that it's true.

       Firstly, mirrors have veeery different effects on us. I often get down if my reflection isn't what I wanted it to be and believe that not seeing it at all could really cheer me up. No mirror, no cares. What could I care about if I had no possibility of seeing myself? Of course, the rule would apply in the ideal world where everyone else were in the same situation. If we don't know what we look like, we have no reason for judging one another. You wouldn't pick at somebody's nose if you  never saw yours. At least, that's what I think...
    However, since I was born in a society where looks are everything, it would be kind of weird to not have mirrors to look at myself. I learned to look at mirrors and instead of finding the things that I want to change about myself, I tried to find the things I loved about my appearence. If you can master that you won't care if you're stuck in a room full of mirrors!
     Maybe I have been a bit brainwashed by a society obssessed with looks...I think without mirrors I would feel even more insecure about myself because then I would not know how I look like. For example, when I wake up and shower in the morning, then brush my teeth and hair. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing those things without a mirror. I would be constantly wondering if my hair looks just the way I want it to, or maybe there was something so wrong with my face and I would have no idea about it...

   All I know is that bathrooms without mirrors are so depressing. They can be lit very well, and have tonnes of fancy art on the walls, but something about the fact that there is no mirror is horrible to me. I don't like the uncomfortable feeling I get when I'm in a mirror-less bathroom. It weirds me out.



  1. It's sad but true that the way you see yourself in the mirror can have a huge impact on your day. If I think I look good in the morning I am much more likely to have a good day. However if there were no mirrors I don't know what I would think but because we can still compare the people we see I think we (or at least I) would still have an idea of what we individual believe to be pretty. But without pictures or portraits I believe that our idea of beauty would be a lot more personal to each individual as it would probably be much less influenced by the media. Interesting post :) !

  2. Hey I love your blog so much I nominated you for the Liebster Award :)

    1. Thanksss I'm so excited!! That will be coming up as soon as possible :)

  3. Mirrors are such a strange and strangley human thing - only humans are SO obsessed with our reflections. Thought-provoking post lady!


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