Saturday, February 8, 2014

Self explaining

I don't even know what I should start with. I feel like everything would be too rushed, so I guess that I should introduce myself first.

18, brunette, green eyes, looking for attention.

Even though I'd like to describe myself as perfect, I have to publicly admit that I'm not. (sad face)
I'm rather silent, indecisive, too selective at times, unable to express my feelings. I am a realist with abundant emotions... And now I feel really naive for hoping that somebody would be interested in reading my crappy self-description :D.

I don't know exactly what my blog will be like, but I intend to create a mixture of teenage confessions, girly interests, lifestyle, movie reviews, random observations- in brief, a little bit of everything. Hopefully, the blog will contour itself after a while...  


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