Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nail Art Ideas + Nail Polish Brands

     For me it's so hard to create and mentain fancy nail designs during school, as I have little time, or I'm too tired to care enough for the way they look...However, I can't help marvelling at amazing nail art and hoping that some day I'll be in the right disposition to draw complicated stuff. 
     Here are a few ideas for both quick and more requiring models, along with a list of best nail polish brands.

     Hope you enjoy the little gallery and get inspired!

 Some of the most pigmented and long-lasting nail polishes which will not damage your nails would certainly be from the following brands:
Butter London-
Sally Hansen-
Rimmel- , which has a really wide range of colors and collections to choose from, 
nail polishes which dry in the blink of an eye and are at VERY affordable prices! 


  1. I love looking at pictures of fancy nail polish haha! It's too bad I'm not allowed to wear any to school :(

    1. Luckily we are allowed to wear colors as long as they aren't super bright or very eye-catching; it depends on teacher though...


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