Friday, February 14, 2014

The Happy-Meter.

- or "The diary of a self-conscious girl"

Before reading the article below take a minute and think about whether you're happy or not with yourself.
The answer may not come so easily, but you've definitely contoured a general impression. Contrary to popular belief, happiness doesn't just happen, it centres on the conscience of being happy.
A week ago I realised I was happy! 

This is an extremely awkward statement to publish so proudly, but I can explain... What made me feel this way?

- Most of all, I think that I got tired of comparing myself to those around me. Let's face it, we all do, even though we admit it or not. The continuous, incessant comparisons and questions that rose in my mind resulted in unnecessary frustrations. For instance, why should I care about differences and unfairness? Life won't be as smooth as I innocently thought it to be. There will always be people who betray, who dissapear, who reappear... and I didn't know that it was up to me whether to welcome them back or not.
I shouldn't constantly rapport myself to them. Our steps don't have to be the same. We are not inseparable pieces. Accomplishments, joy, grief- it all comes at different stages, depending on individual.

- Then, I stopped for a second and wondered why I felt so helpless. I was becoming a self-designed victim. However, there is no such thing as "impossible". If something doesn't please me, I can change it- immediately or gradually is just a matter of shades. For this reason, I promise to stop complaining because most of the time nobody is guilty for my unhappiness. I have to take action and not wait for a magic machine to bring me back on track.

-Additionally, which were my purposes? I kept thinking about the other ones mostly because I didn't have my own direction. I was scattered. Not aware of my own path. And worst of all, I was always preoccupied with pleasing the "audience", as though they cared too much for me. Hardly did I realise how important was to make changes and turn the tide in my favor. It's amazing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen...
Everything considered, you should take a look at your life so far. Appreciate your achievements, pay attention to your own needs and be honest with yourself.

Tip: Look people in the eye. Don't be afraid of this subtle contact, it makes such a big difference.

Disclaimer: I don't say my life changed dramatically in one week, but that revealing moment brought about major questions and, consequently, changes in my way of thinking.

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