Saturday, November 29, 2014


I'm high on Christmas and I can't deny.

As December gets closer, my mind inevitably returns to the marvelous times of my childhood, which although were years far from perfection, have merged into the symbol of safety, hope, love and innocent dreams.

As a winter-born girl, I can't help getting romantic when I think of this season. Truth be told, I enjoy each and every part of this month. I love the chain of events, Santa, the reindeers, the stories, the glitter, the coziness, the tinsel, the cinnamon-scented candles, the childish crawling for presents and gift-shopping sessions, the wrapping, the carols, the snow, the low temperatures, the stiffness given by infinite layers of clothing, the ice rinks, eating all day long, the movie marathons, the oranges... and who remains indifferent to the tree that occupies half of the room around Christmas?

Why Blogmas?

I want to capture every side of this period, inspire, and share with you the magic and enthusiam that come along with this month, by posting as often as I can!

Love, Bianca xx

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