Sunday, April 6, 2014

DIY | The Cork Board Project

Pinterest-y? I always find myself taking notes and making sketches, but after a while all these little pieces of paper disappear unnoticed and are never to be found... Not sure what that implies, but I wanted to keep all of my notes& thoughts at sight, gathered, along with inspiring images and my favorite quotes- and what would've been better than starting a Cork Board Project?

What I like about this is that it's not super sophisticated, so it matches almost any living space; it is simple, but yet 100% customizable; last but not least, it prevents me from losing my notes and moreover, it can become a cute room decoration:)

 After breakfast, we went for a quick search and quickly found a medium Cork Board at Metro, at a very reasonable price... add to basket.

I gathered a few materials:

- a drawing block with nice, thick paper sheets
- a calligraphy set (which I received a long time ago on my birthday and is still ranked among my top presents)
- a colored pencils set
- oil pastels and a glittery pallette
- a crafts scissors

 I didn't start with a well-established Cork Board design in my mind, actually, I had no idea what it would become; Although I wasn't very happy with the result I decided that it would become complete with time, after notes and pictures naturally find their place on the piece of cork. If I had been prepared, I would have made a selection of photographs and scenes from my favorite movies, pretty illustrations and so on, and pinned them alltogether - so if you decide to design your own, that's what I suggest doing first of all.

It's still not late for redesigning the board, and that's probably what I like most about it, you can pin and unpin and it becomes every time a new piece of decoration!


  1. Simple, nice and effective idea. I like. It'll probably look like a colourful collage when more pictures and notes are added. :D
    Take a look at this month's featured drawing.
    Olive Needs Popeye

  2. You are very talented and creative! Looks amazing!

  3. Wonderful idea. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. I want to have a huge board on the wall of my office at our new place. I want to attach inspiring photographs and quotes and colors that soothe my mind. Having inspiration like that is great when you're working.


  5. I love creative pin boards! I have one at home that I made with cloth. Over time yours will come together and you'll love it. Thanks for sharing!


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