Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Taxi Ride & No Money

Well, the story is short and insignificant but it made me feel so optimistic!

    Today was the day of the Cambridge mocking test, held at a university in town. Little did I know that exactly the place of the test was going to trouble me. So, yes, I got confused with names, combined events and I told my dad to drive me to the wrong place... I shortly realised that and tried to call him, but his phone was at home. 

    About 10 minutes left until the exam was supposed to begin... 

    Of course, taking a taxi is the logical next step. But money was a problem, I found I was only left with 7 lei (enough to buy a coke at a pub or pay a short ride, but not more). I decided honesty could save me from any embarassing situation and asked the first taxi driver in the line whether the ride could cost me more than 7 lei. 

    He said no, I got in, but after we talked a while we discovered that the college I was looking for was actually a remote body of the university, farther than expected... I panicked a bit, and immediately told him to leave me exactly the place where the sum of money completed.

    But he had already stopped the billing device and said that he would drive me anyhow, although the gasoline has become more expensive =). He hoped that a nice gesture would make the world a better place. Than added that people should help instead of hurt each other. I felt so guilty and embarassed not to be able to pay him fairly, but at the same time very impressed by his small deed that literally saved my day- I arrived for the exam just on time. Now I whole-heartedly hope that he would be rewarded somehow for his kindness.

The pizza part came later. 

I took a long walk home after the mock exam, connected my headphones and enjoyed the sunny time.

We ordered pizza from a nearby place, because I was craving for Hawaii pizza; and seasoned it with hot sauce. A lot hotter than I had expected, actually.

7 km walk for evening, and here I am, prepared to watch an episode from Pretty Little Liars, as I have fallen behind with 7 of them; hopefully I won't fall asleep..

Did you notice the 7 thing in his post? It wasn't on purpose, I swear... So, how did you spend your day?


  1. That is so lucky of you! And very nice of him, indeed. :) I had a lucky day as well, as I won a giveaway consisting of a maxi dress, a purse, jewelry, eyeshadow, and shower gel!

  2. Very uplifting story! :) I'm always please to find that simple things still matter to people.


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