Friday, March 21, 2014

12 Links I Love

Are you lacking inspiration? In desperate need of suggestions and honest advice? The Internet ocean is so deep and sometimes it's hard not to get drowned in the variety of content and articles... Here are some sites that I recently discovered, explored and decided to pass on: it's definitely a worthwhile activity!

A couple days ago I saw a few "Links That I Love" posts created by some of my favorite bloggers, and immediately fell for this idea. I had such an interesting experience discovering original and utterly amazing sites, that provide unique ideas and high-quality content! 
From astonishing blogs and sites that made my eyeballs happy, to music and news networks, or very unconventional topics, I read lots of wonderful articles and marvelled at unbelievable photographs. 

What is certain is that these blog posts help you discover and enjoy a world of creativity, uniqueness and well-informed publications. How else could you quickly stumble upon so many beautiful websites? 

So, here begins my list:

1) On Young Industries is an article about Bloggers, Blogging in the process of becoming a controversial full-time job, SEO tips and the story of personal success. A Beautiful Mess creates some of the most catchy titles and brings complete insight!

2) The Londoner presents the adventure of a girl living in the fascinating city of London- a stylish guide who travels and brings the readers along.

3) Cupcakes and cashmere is actually one of the blogs where I came across the "Links I Love" list... Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion is everything that I like. Here you can discover additional sites worth visiting.

4) Noisli- officially my favorite background noise; a fantastic selection background noise and color generator ideal for working and relaxing. 

5) DIY Watercolor Mug - interesting guide by Free People Blog, which teaches you to glam your mug, in a few simple steps.

6) On Visual News I saw this article that presents an original approach to Wes Underson's (director of Moonrise Kingdom)symmetrical film styling. I knew that his films were special due to cinematic techniques, but this is an interesting analysis on his methods of creating visually appealing scenes.

7) Medium is the home for deep, intelligent journalism about science, technology, and the future. The web design is very professional and convincing.

8) Trendland - A daily dose of FASHION, DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY, ART, CULTURE & MUSIC.

9) The Burning House - If your house were burning, what would you take with you?

10) Twaggies – Funny tweets illustrated.

11) The Every Girl - The lifemap for everygirls everywhere.

12) Blank of Blank - They find lost interviews, you listen.

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