Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Outfit of the Day

I did it!

After several attempts to create an Outfit of the Day post, I succeeded in taking a few hasty pictures of the items I wore today. I usually get up at 7 o'clock and until 7:45 I run against the clock; today was an exception, nonetheless, as we started at 10. So, I put togheter a quick outfit and took these snaps. I am still working on the folding techniques and I am having serious trouble in photographing myself actually wearing the outfit... However, I hope you can overlook these pretty little issues and wait until I figure out how to improve this kind of post...

As spring has certainly installed (the background ironically contradicts me), the pieces that appealed to me were a colorful skirt and a simple, cotton blouse. What I like most about these items are their details, which definitely make them stand out. 

Although it has become warmer, I still couldn't give up my cute faux leather jacket! The weather tends to trick me very often, so I thought I should be prepared for any possibility. Eventually, the additional "layer" turned out to be welcome, because the wind blew constantly, making my hair block my view... 

The look was completed by a scarf and my favorite bracelet of the month! The bracelet is, in fact, an interpretation of "Martisor" (created by a friend of mom's fond of handmade stuff), which is a very popular tradition in Romania. What you should know is that Martisor is celebrated on the 1st of March, and it has as a symbol the colors red and white twined together. During the first weeks of March, girls and women should wear this symbol (in the shape of bracelets, or combined threads accompanying different symbolic figurines- called "martisoare")... Google has more information about this, I am sure, so you should just type "Martisor" and find out the whole story.

Basic Beige Blouse, Motivi
Skirt, Stradivarius
Black Jacket, Stradivarius
Bracelet, Handmade


  1. I think leather (especially white leather) is going to be a trend this spring. Cute outfit! Just curious, what shoes did you pair this outfit with?

    1. Well, I wore a pair of brown boots, which were very comfy and hopefully appropriate to the change of season.. You opened my eyes, white leather sounds very interesting!:)

  2. This skirt is amazing! I completely agree it's the little details of these items that make the so special :)

    1. I didn't like it at first when I saw it in the shop, but my mom showed me the lacy lining so I gave it a chance..

  3. ADORable skirt. And I love that jacket. I wish it was warm here so I could wear all my cute spring items. :/



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